Gas Furnace Repair / Replace in Owensboro, KY

Gas Furnace Repair

Experts at Solving Problems with Gas Furnaces

Are you facing issues with your gas furnace such as cold air blowing or it has stopped working altogether? You need not worry as the professionals at Hodges Heating and Cooling are here to provide fast and reliable gas furnace repair in Owensboro, KY. 

Here is how you benefit from our team:

  • We are licensed and insured.
  • Our response times are fast.
  • We have over five years of experience serving the area.
  • We are friendly and professional.
  • We treat you and your property with respect.

We specialize in gas furnace repair and replacement and offer a comprehensive range of heating services in Owensboro, KY, and the surrounding areas for your comfort. Give us a call today at 270-244-6486 to schedule a service.

Our Gas Furnace Repair Services

Hodges Heating and Cooling‘s team of skilled and experienced professionals provides gas furnace repair in Owensboro, KY to ensure that your gas furnace performs at its peak. We understand that even a minor component breakdown can affect your entire system. Therefore, we offer timely repairs to address common problems that gas furnaces face.

During our repair services, our technicians often find that the cause of the problem is a lack of regular maintenance. To avoid frequent breakdowns, it is crucial to keep your system maintained and clean. One of the key maintenance tips is to keep your filters clean. Dirty filters are a primary source of trouble and can cause both gas and electric furnaces to stop working correctly, resulting in cold air blowing.

In addition, dirty filters can also cause your gas furnace to overheat, which triggers the limit switch and results in continuous blowing and alternating between cold and warm air. Overheating can also cause damage to the heat exchanger. Another issue that our technicians commonly find is a malfunctioning thermostat, which can cause the heater to blow cold air or stop working altogether. Moreover, clogged blowers can cause rapid cycling, while a faulty pilot light can reduce heat and comfort levels.

If you’re not getting any heat from your gas furnace, it might be caused by an electrical problem such as an overloaded circuit or bad wiring. In such cases, our skilled technicians can diagnose the issue promptly and provide the necessary repairs to ensure your gas furnace operates at its peak.

With regular maintenance many of these problems can be avoided. Our technicians will be glad to come out and provide regular maintenance services.  

Our goal when we provide maintenance and repair services is to make sure your gas furnace operates at an optimum level. To ensure this, we use only top-quality parts from leading manufacturers.

Gas Furnace Replacement

The life expectancy for gas furnaces is 15 to 30 years. And while these systems are durable, as they age they are subject to wear and tear, even with good maintenance practices, and will need to be replaced. Because gas furnace replacement is a big investment, we offer as many affordable options as possible. We also ensure your new gas furnace provides top performance for years to come by providing you with some of the best-trained and experienced technicians available to install your heating system.

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